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Shop Pantone 2016 Color Trends: Rose Quartz & Serenity Fashions

When earlier this month the Pantone Inc. spread the word about Rose Quartz and Serenity having been chosen as the main colors of the upcoming 2016 year, a real perplexity broke out and 2016 was immediately registered as the first ever year in the history of Pantone to enjoy the whole two shades. The Rose Quartz bringing us a feeling of composure and peace of mind, while the Serenity – some airy, out-of-this-world sense are obviously vibrating on the same wavelength. In this crazy period of information flow, technological overdevelopment and the overt androgynous ambience, these two relaxing and tranquilizing shades are exactly what the whole world has been long watching for. The fashion world is already in the thick of Rose Quartz and Serenity mixing and matching ceremonies and we have singled out the best carriers of these inspiring pastel colors just for your pleasant shopping. Why not spice this hilarious pre-Christmas period with extra comfort-and-tranquility-pledging Rose Quartz & Serenity fashion pieces?

1. Sophie Hulme Rose Quartz Leather Shoulder Bag

If you are wearing a Serenity trench coat the best matching piece will undeniably become this pretty Rose Quartz saddlebag by Sophie Hulme. The pulchritude of this shoulder bag is doubly magnified when the gold tone detachable shoulder bag and “Go Bananas” charm swinging somewhere on the corner come into view. Purchase this Rose Quartz treasure and go bananas.

Shop Pantone 2016 Color Trends: Rose Quartz & Serenity Fashions

2. Serenity Cutout Skater Dress

Whether you have already decoded upon which one of these relaxing shades is right up your alley or you are sticking to them equally, Boohoo has provided a suitable environment for you. This textured skater dress with cutout design on the back is available both in Rose Quartz and Serenity shades, but what is more inspiring is that the dress is so easy on the pocket ($28.00) that you can fulfill your Rose Quartz & Serenity dreams all at once on a single day. Get your hands on these comfy pieces.

3. Rose Quartz Earrings

Rose Quartz shade on the ears is to be the best guarantee of elegance and femininity. If you are on the same mind with us, then welcome to shop these voguish drop earrings of unique geometrical shape with gold-plated framing that will look equally trendy whether against the background of the business world or a luxurious soiree.

4. Puma by Rihanna ‘Creeper’ Sneaker in Rose Quartz

Sneakers have never been so feminine as those Puma by Rihanna ‘Creeper’ sneakers in Rose Quartz that come to be as the first attempt of the pop diva to be the creative director of Puma. With the lace-up style suede sneakers on your feet, your morning errands will not only become comfortable but also hyper attractive and gentle. The sneakers are available.

5. Erdem Round Sunglasses in Rose Quartz

If you are already sick and tired of naked eye flirtations, fling yourself into a fresh new flirtation process camouflaging your eyes with these Rose Quartz round sunglasses with cat-eye design by Erdem. You can get the sunglasses.

6. Valentino Lock Medium Leather Bag in Serenity

Just like it is with Rose Quartz to make an ideal couple with gold, it is the silver tone that is singing in unison with Serenity, a combination that we see implemented on the Valentio ‘Lock Medium’ shoulder bag. The bag coming to be in a perfect size to nestle your cosmetic bag and purse, is finished off with Valentino’s iconic siver studs and styled with silver chain strap. Head to Serenity shopping.

Shop Pantone 2016 Color Trends: Rose Quartz & Serenity Fashions

7. Modern Vest in Serenity

Whenever chilly winter is left behind and warm spring is spreading its sunrays, what we mostly need is a trendy cool vest that will both protect us from the spring breeze and keep us ultra stylish. Be in step with the times and opt for this harmonious-with-spring-sky double-breasted Serenity vest and go even trendier by styling it with a pair of shoes or a shoulder bag in Rose Quartz. The Serenity blue vest is available.

8. Chloe Drew Mini Leather Bag in Rose Quartz

Here is just another illustration of Rose Quartz + Gold being so dazzling and gorgeous. This mini leather shoulder bag by Chloe with gold-toned chain strap and magnetic fastening is available.

9. Christian Louboutin Rose Quartz Nail Polish

With your fingertips coated with Rose Quartz polish by Christian Louboutin, all your gestures will become more than gravitating and hypnotizing. One layer will provide glossy finish, while the second layer will let this relaxing shade shine with all its glory. Moreover its triangular brush will help you work out super flawless coating. This ‘La Favorita’ nail polish included in the ‘The Nudes’ Nail Colour range and housed in Christian Louboutin stiletto-style glass bottle is available.

10. Marni Crepe Mini Dress in Rose Quartz

Choose this mini crepe dress by Marni embellished with oversized crystal buttons stretching semi-diagonally down and go all retro wrapped with the soothing Rose Quartz shade. Whether you match it with a white shirt or one in Serenity, you will not only keep your retro appearance but also intensify it doubly. You can get your hands on this treasure.

11. Essie Serenity Blue Nail Polish

Jumping on the bandwagon is not a difficult task to handle if you have this Essie nail polish in Serenity at your disposal. This creamy, rich color will wrap your nails with tranquility while making every single touch of yours super sensual and comforting. You can find the polish.

Shop Pantone 2016 Color Trends: Rose Quartz & Serenity Fashions

It turns out that surplus fabric can be not only useful but super trendy as well, especially when appearing in the Pantone 2016 Rose Quartz color. This vintage crop top with ribbed texture and mock neck perfectly going with anything denim is available.

13. Serenity Blue Summer Slip Dress

Serenity comfort if realized on feather light fabric will expose its grandeur to the fullest. A case in point is this lightweight slip dress with triangular shape flaring hemlines and adjustable back strap, which will undeniably make you an ethereal lady able to set anyone’s back on his heels. The tranquilizer is available.

14. Miu Miu Round Sunglasses in Rose Quartz

If you are on the same page with the Pantone Inc. color experts and have already gone crazy with Rose Quartz, then these tender round sunglasses are absolutely your thing while the glitzy round frames and golden details will flatter your face in a hyper attractive way. You can purchase these Miu Miu goodies.

15. ASOS Suede Miniskirt in Serenity

It was not long ago that the fashion world was fully obsessed with suede miniskirts, vests and handbags. Now time is ripe for the Serenity suede festival and ASOS has the leading role here. This A-line button-down skirt to be matched with anything casual can be purchased here.

16. Burberry Beauty Eye Colour Cream ‘Dusty Pink’

For upping the ante of your appearance keep in touch with Burberry Beauty to get hands on this eye color cream in Rose Quartz, which is gliding with ease and comfort, providing your eyelids with a delicate, silky feeling. Purchase this single pot.

Shop Pantone 2016 Color Trends: Rose Quartz & Serenity Fashions

17. ASOS Serenity Blue Ballet Flats

Ballet flats with a tiny bow detail on it have become somehow a conventional footwear type but not when appearing in Serenity blue. These matte effect leather flats sauntering around springtime streets will never fail in nailing the attention of all and sundry.

18. ASOS ‘70s Mini Dress in Rose Quartz

ASOS has evidently gone all loco with the Pantone 2016 colors this time again presenting a retro style mini dress in Rose Quartz. This bathrobe-imitating flaring dress with a bow at the waist and wide long sleeves will lead you to a sensual dance to relaxing lounge music.

19. Retro Stamp Heels in Rose Quartz

Take your look to a completely new elegant level with some childish undertones by opting for this chic pair of lacquered shoes with block heels and ankle straps. After purchasing the pair, the matching and mixing procedures will become just a piece of cake so much universal is Pantone’s favorite.

Shop Pantone 2016 Color Trends: Rose Quartz & Serenity Fashions

Always make it a top priority to look vertiginous and hypnotizing no matter where you are heading to – to your working place or to a luxurious soiree. These stunning faux leather ankle boots with open toe and lace-up closure are that very warrants for your never-ending drop-dead gorgeous appearance. Shop these samples and be on the pinnacle of your attractiveness.